Our Story

Kolache would be the last product you would expect from a software developer and engineer. After learning some culinary chemistry and going through hundreds of pounds of different flours, unique oils and, various concoctions to develop our Kolache dough. The dough we developed is what we call an American Kolache, which is a soft pillowy sweet bread that can encapsulate just about anything sweet or savory. We hope you love them!


What is a Kolache? 

Originating as a semisweet wedding dessert from Central Europe and later a breakfast item in South London, they have become popular in parts of the United States, especially in Texas. The name originates from the Czech word kolo, meaning “circle,” “wheel.”

A klobásník, which contains sausage or other meat, is often thought to be a variation of the kolach (koláče); however, most Czechs hold the distinction that Kolache are only filled with non-meat fillings.

Our delicious Kolache is slightly sweet, dough stuffed with the best fresh ingredients. Hand stuffed every morning using our unique dough recipe. Our Kolache is perfect for breakfast and lunch or even your late-night cravings. Bring home some Kolache Krave Kolache today.